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    be patient

Our Philosophy

"If you want a calm horse, stay calm. If you want a patient horse be patient." This is the philosophy of our growing company, 'Horses That Work' and is put forth into everyday motion with every horse and mule worked with, whether we are training, out riding range or in the arena. This company has trained horses, as well as put clinics on across Western Canada, and the U.S. We have an approach to training methods that have proven themselves time and time again. Our forte is in starting horses under saddle and creating a calm mindset about them, that ensures a lighter, more responsive horse that you can trust.

Natural & Foundational Horsemanship

Many people in the horse world today think Natural Horsemanship is a new concept in horse training, when in fact this technique has been around for centuries.
The roots of Natural Horsemanship is based on the simple key components of communication between humans and horses. These skills were used in the oldest forms of horse training that there is. Here at Horses That Work we use the method of Natural Horsemanship learned from the Mountain Men in the 1700's and 1800's. These men took a form of horse training from the First Nations Peoples, in which taught respect for the animal and patience in the pursuit of training.
These men lived out their lives in the mountains, staying far away from civilization. This meant that they depended on their horse and the horse on them. They were companions that had to look to each other for trust. Mountain men weren't able to ‘cowboy a horse' into being a horse because getting bucked off was too great a risk being so far from towns. Instead they would 'gentle break' the horse, creating a bond between them. One that would last the life of both the horse and the man.
We choose to go by this "not so new" way of doing things, as we believe in the principles behind the respect and trust that can be built, therefore producing lasting results for horses and their owners.

What We Do

Some words of wisdom

"Notice the slightest change, and reward the slightest of tries." Tom Mowery

  • Clinics —  Trevor is an interantional recognized clinician, come take part in one of his clinics and learn some new ways to approach horse training all while building a better connection with your horse. Remember what Trevor says at every clinic, "the more I learn, the more I learn that the less I know". For this reason, Trevor goes and continues learning from other great horsemans such as Tom Mowery and Martin Black as well as others of that caliber.

  • Training — Foundational Horsemanship from start to finish. Building a connection through everything we do to create a better team player as well as a willing horse for that sought after partership. In the show pen Trevor was able to prove this at The Extreme Cowboy World Finals 2022 in Texas, while riding his stallion Drifter, by being the highest ranked Canadian Pro, coming in 6th place overall in the Pro Division on Finals Sunday.

  • Stallion — We're very proud of our stallion here at Horses That Work. His registered AQHA name is SQH Blu Boys Diamond and his barn name is Drifter. Being the grand son of Playgun is only the beggining of the amazing horses on his papers that prove his mind, stamina, power and speed in everythig we do. He's put Trevor in the winning circle of Extreme Cowboy Racing many times and has proven to be one of the best ranch horses that a cowboy could ever want to ride at the same time. His quiet demeanor has allowed others for years at shows and on the ranch not even realize that he is a stallion.

"Be Calm and you'll have a calm horse..."
Trevor has proved this theory time and time again...

- Jules Rainforth of Rainforth Equine Facilitated Wellness


Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

March 15-17 2024

Extreme Cowboy Clinics, EXCA Race
Denver, Colorado

Can-Am Horse Expo

March 22-24 2024

Extreme Cowboy, Horsemanship, Desensitization Clinics
Ancaster, Ontario

Can-Am Horse Expo

April 12-14 2024

Extreme Cowboy, Horsemanship, Desensitization Clinics
Chilliwack, B.C.

The Horse Expo

April 26-28 2024

Desensitization Clinics
Red Deer, Alberta

Back Country Horseman Rendezvous

May 25-27

Cowboy Challenge,  Poker ride
Valemount, B.C. 

Abbotsford Fair

August 2-4 2024

Clinics, Demos, EXCA Race

Abbotsford, B.C.

Chilliwack Fair

August 9-11

Clinics, Demos. EXCA Race
Chilliwack, B.C.

Extreme Cowboy Challenge Clinic

August 23-25 2024

Learn the basics of getting your horse ready for an Extreme Cowboy Challenge level 1 & 2
Falkland, B.C.

I.P.E. (Armstrong Fair)

Aug 28 - Sept 1 2024

The absolute best fair around with a great horse show, as well as we'll be running and Extreme Cowboy Race to EXCA standards!
Armstrong, B.C.

EXCA World Finals

Glen Rose, Texas - Oct 30 - Nov. 3 2024
Planning on qualifying for World Finals in both the Pro Division and the Futurity. Follow the Facebook page for videos as we run



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