Colt Starting Training

    Getting a Colt started under saddle is one of the most crucial times in a horses life. You're laying a foundation down for the years to come. Having this done improperly can leave you with a horse that is unsafe to ride, and unsafe to be around. Let us work with your horse at this stage so that you don't have to end up in that situation. There's not necessarily a wrong way of starting a colt, however, there is an easier and more efficient way of doing it. It's easier to work with the horse, than against it. We have found this time and time again and we work with the horses personality to create a better horse in return for you. Again, we work with the horse, from their point of view, not against them. We do highly recommend that a colt stay with us for two months when being started. As it stands, most horses will hit a wall somewhere between 25 and 40 hours of training. In this wall, they will try and find ways to get away with things they normally have been really good with. Let us work through this wall with your colt so that you don't have to. This will help you and your horse get off to enjoying your new relationship in much better way. 

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