Troubled Horses

  Have you ever come across that "special horse"? You know, the one with an attitude, it runs from you when you try to catch it, or rears and bucks when you try to ride it. Maybe it's good to ride but hard to handle on the ground, or the opposite of that. No matter what the vice of the horse is, you feel somehow connected or drawn to the horse in a way that you don't understand, but all you know is that this will be the horse for you without the issues that can't deter you from them. Let us help the horse through these issues as well as help teach you how to handle and work with the horse from the horses point of view. We'll help them get out of their bad issues for you so you don't end up with a picture similar to the one on the left. Let's face it, the only horse that should ever buck is one coming out of the chute at a rodeo. 

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