Horsemanship Clinic

    Trevor brings a down to earth, wholesome approach to working with any horse. In this clinic you will learn how to "make the connection" as well as learn how to "ride with feel". Trevors' calm demeanour automatically will bring you and your horse to a place in which you will achieve your personal goals as a rider, as well as take your horse there with you. Using a different method than the "standard" Natural Horsemanship, Horses That Work provides a new but old outlook on the Natural Horsemanship that has been around for hundreds of years. With simple and clear instructions, Trevor has the ability to help you gain understanding of how the mind of a horse/mule thinks, and understanding this fundamental truth about horses will enable you to reach those goals you seek. This is a great clinic for green and experienced horses and riders of all practices.


      A lot of the times clients send horses away to trainers and wonder what they all do with their horse while it is there. Although we will spend a few hours with you at the time that you pick your horse up, sometimes a weekly or bi-weekly lesson will really help you understand what your horse knows. These lessons will help you learn from the horses perspective as well as give you a "few more arrows in your quiver" so to speak. These lessons have helped a variety of people from all trains of riding in de-spooking and building trust and confidence in your horse, as well as your horse in you.  Come and learn to make the connection with your horse while riding through feel. 

     For Horsemanship Clinics, we offer anywhere from a half day to a three day clinic on building your horsemanship. Just remember that the horse is always right, and they are only answering the question that we have asked of them, in the best way that they know how to. We will go over ways to get them to answer our question correctly, both in their mind and ours. In the clinic, you will learn to make the connection with your horse as well as learning how to ride your horse with feel as we get to the feet. And don't worry, we will explain what that really means.

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