Many people in the horse world today think Natural Horsemanship is a new concept in horse training, when in fact this technique has been around for centuries. The roots of Natural Horsemanship is based on the simple key components of communication between humans and horses. These skills were used in the oldest forms of horse training that there is. Here at Horses That Work we use the method of Natural Horsemanship learned from the Mountain Men in the 1700's and 1800's. These men took a form of horse training from the Natives, in which taught respect for the animal and patience in the pursuit of training. These men lived out their lives in the mountains, staying far away from civilization. This meant that they depended on their horse and the horse on them. They were companions that had to look to each other for trust. Mountain men weren't able to ‘cowboy a horse' into being a horse because getting bucked off was too great a risk being so far from towns. Instead they would 'gentle break' the horse, creating a bond between them. One that would last the life of both the horse and the man. We choose to go by this not so new way of doing things, as we believe in the principles behind the respect and trust that can be built, therefore producing lasting results for horses and their owners. 


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